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Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake is the largest endorheic lake and salt-water lake in China. Its voluminous and misty scenery likes a tear on the surface of the earth.

  Located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Qinghai Lake has a acreage of 4456 sq.km and perimeter of 360km, which is more than two time of the famous Tai Lake. The average depth of Qinghai Lake is about 16m, with the deepest point to 28m. The poundage reaches 71.9 billion stere. The altitude of Lake Surface is 3260m, which approximates to two height of Mount Tai. The weather is very cool here due to the high altitude. Even in midsummer, the average temperature is just 15 degree centigrade. It's a perfect resort for passing the summer in a leisurely way.

Qinghai Lake is on the northeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The lake is surrounded by four lofty mountains, with Datong Mountain on its north, Riyue Mountain on its east, Qinghainan Mountain on the south and Xiangpi Mountain on the west. The altitude of these four mountains is from 3600km to 5000km. These four mountains like four barriers carrying Qinghai Lake in their arms. From the root of mountain to the Lake, there is vast and flat grassland. The green and wavy lake is similar to a grand jade lying between mountains and grassland.

The shape of Qinghai Lake is like an ellipse, with 109km length from west to east and 65km width from north to south. It's said that the lake seems to be a giant aspen leave floating on the grassland. The scenery of the lake is quite different in different seasons. In summer and autumn, trees grow flourish on mountains and grassland, which seems to be a thick carpet with colorful flowers as decoration. At the side of the lake, hordes of cows and horses drink water and eat grass. Large scale of farm lies beside the lake. The golden corn field likes wave when wind blows. In winter, the leaves begin to fall from trees. In Nov, the lake begins to freeze. At that time, the lake is like a mirror shining in the sunshine.

Qinghai Lake originally was a lake connected with sea. Because of the earth movement, mountains raised and the lake became an endorheic one. In the lake, there is a special kind of "Huang"fish. In order to adjust to the environment, the fish took off its squama. Its appearance is similar to carp with black dots on its back.

According to "Dange'er Ting Record" in 1910, Mongol caught this kind of fish and sold them to big cities including Xi'ning and Lanzhou. These fishes were made dry in summer and frozen in winter. Every year, they could catch about 200,000 fishes. From 1960 to 1962, China was in quite difficult period due to natural disaster. At that time, the fish became the main source of local people's living. From Jun to Oct in 1960, people caught 1,060,000kg.The fishes grow very slow (it reaches 1kg after ten years) due to the low temperature of the lake. Nowadays, we need to control over-fishing and protect this species. Many travelers in Qinghai want to have a taste of this delicious fish.