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Qinghai started building 15 major industrial base


Qinghai News Network July 19, the provincial government held to accelerate the construction of industrial transformation and upgrading of the implementation of major industrial base started meeting.Earlier, the provincial government has issued a "speed up the construction of major industrial restructuring and upgrading industrial base implementation of views" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion"), which marks the province started construction of five $ 200 billion, 10 150 billiona total of 15 major industrial base.

According to the provincial economic commission director Zhu Jianping introduced to accelerate the construction of national circular economy pilot area, deepen the strategic adjustment of industrial structure, the provincial government in co-ordinating industry "double hundred" action, "123" to promote scientific and technological support projects and 50 major technicalprogress on the basis of projects, decided to build a major industrial base, accelerate new build modern industrial system in Qinghai, the province with the national support building a moderately prosperous society.

"Opinions" that, by 2020, the province will form five one hundred billion yuan, 10 fifty billion yuan, positioning clear, prominent features, different emphases, dislocation development, industrial association of the industrial base.5 billion dollar industry base, respectively Xining Gan River Industrial Park, Haixi Chaerhan industrial parks, industrial parks Golmud, Xining nanchuan industrial parks, industrial parks invading Haidong; 10 fifty billion yuan industrial base were XiningDongchuan Industrial Park, biotechnology industrial park in Xining, Xining Beichuan Chase Industrial Park, Industrial Park, Delhi, Ulan industrial park, industrial park Dachaidan Haixi Dulan industrial parks, industrial parks Haidong Ledu, Haidong mutualindustrial parks, Haidong public and industrial park.

2020, Xining forming a silicon material, photovoltaic, light metal alloys, coal chemicals, lithium batteries, light industry and other characteristics of six major industrial chain; Hercynian formed salt lake chemical, oil and chemicals, new materials, metallurgy, coal chemical, biological characteristics, goldseven major industrial chain; Haidong form non-ferrous metals, equipment manufacturing, organic chemical, biological characteristics, building materials and other five major industrial chain.Built up salt lake chemical, lithium and lithium batteries, coal chemicals and fine chemicals, aluminum and aluminum deep processing, silicon materials and photovoltaic industry, carpets and cashmere spinning, titanium and deep processing, smelting and deep processing of gold, copper, aluminum and electronic materials, PVC intensive processing 10 influential industrial clusters in the country.To the "Twelve Five", to achieve industrial sales income of 45 billion yuan, industrial added value of 170 billion yuan or more; to 2020, the province's