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Ali 'future' hotel big data calculations


Following its gold development intelligence map incoming scenic spot after the big data market, alibaba and borrow "future" business hotel has got big data in the hospitality industry.On December 17, alibaba's first unmanned Philippine live cloth thirsty into hotel opening before the last day of the countdown.Surprisingly, the future is not the focus of the hotel itself, but the hotel behind "a set of services for the entire industry in the future management system".But the personage inside course of study thinks, the intelligent system is no longer the hotel industry in the new things, many hotels, information technology companies have strong-arm reaction, and hotel check-in large data and so on are often reluctant to open to the outside, while ali has a certain amount of technical superiority, but whether its future hotel big data business smoothly spread is unknown.

"Wine inebriate an idea of weng"

According to the future hotel ali CEO wang qun, although the Philippines living cloth thirst is ali's first future hotel, has nearly 300 rooms, but the hotel is a special room for 2 c external market accounts for less, "ali hopes Philippines live cloth thirsty hatching a service management system for the whole hotel industry in the future, will mainly choose high-end hotel chain as early cooperation object".

"Ali do hotel is not to occupy a place in the hotel industry, in the traditional hotel industry of the red sea."Wang qun one expresses industry as a whole is bad, ali intention of reverse into this market.He explains, at present, ali is a system of dual headquarters in Beijing, hangzhou, itself has a lot of internal travel accommodation requirements, therefore, the future is quite a number of rooms in the hotel to meet these requirements, the real foreign guest room few and far between."In the future, ali will open some retail hotel, surrounding the basic will be built in headquarters."Wang qun, acknowledged in ali hotel 2 c under the condition of supply is relatively limited, now live thirst outlets not priced too low.Philippine live cloth thirsty App, according to the guest room reservation system at present, the main ali future hotel is located in hangzhou are 10 kinds of room, normal price is RMB 1399-2332 yuan/day.

In fact, in the eyes of wang qun, ali in the future there is a similar to the field of hotel, is to use the hotel formed a set of hotel management system can output the intelligence, make ali hotel "core competence" disclosing party.Wang qun introduces, at present our country hotel industry is relatively complex, divided into high, medium and low-end and chain and monomer type, the aspirations of each hotel is different, so ali in intelligent hotel management system, the output of the system is divided into "options" and two for managers to choose "options", "in the short term, ali will begin with high-end hotel chains, because the hotel demand is to cover the entire system, and mid-range or independent hotels may only require the system to a certain part of the function".

Target transformation needs

"In fact, in the hotel industry is relatively low, artificial cost under the condition of sustained high, intelligent systems, hotel big data analysis system may be a relative to once and for all."Beijing tsinghua with scale of sarft, the project manager of tourism, tourist Chang Xuesong data experts said.

Recently, high-end hotels have been revealed "sheet", "towel door", such as health issues, there is a problem directly behind the industry high-end hotels grassroots employees in low income and quality of service requirements to improve the core of the conflict.Wang qun, the hotel has bid farewell to excess profit era, at this stage, a hotel management, benefits are good, artificial cost will account for about 20% of the annual revenue, some hotels labor costs accounted for as high as 50% - 50%, only the spending will "eat" hotel's full-year profit.

The thin cloth thirst is cancelled at the front desk, deep cuts in the reception, security, financial personnel, such as improve people effect than to traditional with 150% of the size, grade hotel."The same size, the scale of traditional hotel equipped with 250 employees if required, people live cloth thirsty 100 is enough, such as other hotels need to finance, security personnel number respectively at around 20 people and 50 people, by the living thirsty can control in three people and 10 to 15 people."Wang qun said. As a result, save the expenses can be used to improve the more need artificial post staff treatment, so that they can more actively implement sanitary standards, etc.In addition, he also is introduced, in addition to the from ali's hotel room equipped with telephone, in-room safe, mini-bar, drawer and other facilities, per room save costs about 10000 yuan, will return on investment to 1 times that of the traditional hotel.