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In the first half year,31 hotels have been built in Qinghai Province


This year, in addition to the service facilities, service function development, tour rich in content and entertainment, shopping element increase outside, more in our province to solve the accommodation, vehicle problems, to solve the peak season a room is hard to find problems.

Only in the first half of this year, qinghai started construction hotel and home, mainly distributed in xining city, an important tourism distribution associated amorous feelings tourist corridor, distance from the north sea to the red tourism area, hainan your DE along the Yellow River, hercynian kunlun cultural tourist area, yushu post-disaster reconstruction plate and ace scenic area qinghai lake and so on several big block.Among them, with a total investment of more than ten million yuan project up to 25, exceed 50 million yuan project 13, with a total investment of tens of millions of dollars in construction project 5, more than 300 million yuan of large project two.Among them, 31 hotels construction project, almost non-governmental investment hotel kind of construction project, source of funds are investment, loans and other.

This year, only in xining region of various hotels reached 46 home, the five-star standard a, four standard four, small miniature hotel and family.At the same time quasi new western mining five-star hotel, Marine rainbow five-star hotel five home five star standard hotel some have start to be constructed, some are doing the work for pre-project or deal with formalities of construction land.