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Four emerging trends in global travel


Since the beginning of the year, tourist confidence is gradually recovering, with net hotel bookings up 60 per cent, according to the data.

The May Day Holiday in 2021 shows a new trend in travel. During the May Day holiday, the streets and alleys of China are crowded with tourists in an endless stream, and the Great Wall has become a popular place for people to climb again. There are signs that the tourism industry is enjoying a revival, as people look forward to rediscovering the world.

Despite all the uncertainties, people are still optimistic about the future development of tourism. Amadeus, the global travel technology leader, has released data on the hotel travel industry. Since the beginning of the year, tourist confidence is gradually recovering, with net hotel bookings up 60 per cent, according to the data.

"The past 18 months have seen unprecedented changes in the travel industry," said Wu Jingkui, president of Amadeus China. We use technology and solutions to translate data into industry insights that reveal changes and developments in the travel industry. While travel trends change over time, the industry can still get a good idea of what travelers want to travel."

According to data from Amadeus Demand360®, Chinese tourists increasingly prefer luxury hotels in China, with Sanya, Chengdu, Haikou, Shanghai and Xi 'an being the top five tourist destinations during the May Day holiday. It won't be long before people start planning for international travel.

Amadeus further identified four new trends in global travel:

Luxury travel -- The desire to travel is being rekindled, as tourists book more luxury trips. While the world's cruise ships are still docked, one of Virgin Cruises' luxury ships has sailed out of Qianhai port in Shenzhen.

Work Trips -- With many companies revising their flexible work policies for the workplace, flexible work life is becoming more and more feasible. Globally, despite regional differences, searches for a long-term 30-day stay increased 41 percent, the data showed.

Bubble travel - As uncertainty continues, the growth of bubble travel has a significant impact on health passports. According to a recent Amadeus study, more than 90 percent of travelers would like to use a digital health passport for future trips.

Low-carbon travel -- Amadeus data shows that awareness of environmental and social responsibility is growing, with a third of post-00s travelers wanting more sustainable travel options and ways to travel that reduce carbon emissions. One out of every four global travelers of different age groups and countries said they would choose a low-carbon tour.