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Words - an experience, forever love, there is still a lot we can do.
One day in September, 6, 7 building has hosted a number of international friends, room 606 at a reception translation, xiao zhao in the morning when cleaning the room, found the guests a note on the table, hope the waiter to help him mend his pants. Xiao zhao want to guest met with difficulties, we need to help, also provides us with the opportunity to service for the guest, she immediately picked up the pants go back to the guest's room after good sewing between the services. Floor captain jin through at this moment, see the guest's shoes have stains, before there is a pair of clean socks, hence two people together will clean shoes, socks clean. The next day the guest check-out left a letter of appreciation to thank their thoughtful, let him feel at home.
Comment on:
In the eyes of outsiders, hotel work repetition boring, no technical content, but we don't think so. Detail decides success or failure, often trivial things will bring a surprise to the guests and touched, as long as we attentively, care, careful, can find the opportunity to serve our guests, find the guest's potential demand, service to the guests before opening, let a guest have the experience of a warm, which will bring the hotel more repeat customers, to bring more benefits in the hotel. So also we can do a lot of...