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On September 21, is a weekend, it doesn't do beauty under the light rain falling, colleagues haven't rest for several weeks. Morning, shang pin out small bar head connected to a tea service telephone, when the pony after five shift employees know the matter, everybody without complaint said: "this outing tea service is both a showcase our hotel products, also a good chance to reflect our hotel delicate service". We began to prepare and check the work. Two master driver assistance by other authorities, eleven point three got to the appointed place on time, we act quickly, the beginning of the skilled operation, cut fruit, decorate heart, stand type, strong drinks, soon will tea ready. The guests entered the first not see exhibits, but went straight to the tea table. A few guests said: "the qinghai hotel do buffet, we have already had several times, they all are very spiritual guy, the girls all have good temperament, service and food and also have no!" . The ginger always unsuccessful party is also very happily say: "the qinghai hotel tea service, let us the trust and satisfaction, not only to promote the class of the us the tasting, also obtained the praise of attending to guests! This is not the first time we have cooperation, hope I can continue our cooperation." Hear this, everyone is very happy, because these words is the highest praise for our hotel products and services.
Comment on:
1, delicate and careful service can not only touched the guests, but also for the hotel won a good reputation, finish every service for the guests have to perfect, let the guests' experience at a time, forever love "feeling, is bound to bring us more repeat customers and better economic benefit.
2, the successful completion of the tea service, cannot leave two driver teacher team collaboration and bars to the joint efforts of the staff, fully reflects the hotel employees master the sense of responsibility and team power.