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Path to the green bean "standardized", set sail!


On comprehensively advancing tourism standardization according to the national tourism administration of pilot work notice (brigade do hair [2014] no. 147) spirit, in August 2014, qinghai hotel is identified as one of the first batch of pilot enterprises for tourism standardization in xining city in qinghai province. For qinghai hotel tourism standardization pilot work, hotel set up a pilot work leading group, September 30, and in 2014 established the standardization office.
In October, in order to ensure the "standardized" work smoothly, standardization office members to the study of the system of "standardized", and combined with a practical way, by learning to determine the standard template and write the specific requirements.
In November, formal standardization office installation and start using the enterprise Standard writing template, combination of qinghai hotel existing SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and the writing of the Standard requirements, completed the front office rules and regulations, job responsibilities, and service process. November 26, qinghai hotel standardization leading group deputy head, qinghai, deputy general manager Mr Liu Shangning led the standardization office members took part in xining city tourism bureau held "xining to create national tourism standardization demonstrative city mobilization work conference", ms xining city vice mayor wang tong at the meeting, Mr King of xining city mayor to wave and the national tourism administration deputy director Mr Wu Wenxue "standardised" work and realize the importance of standardization and other content delivered an important speech. After the meeting, the China national tourism administration, supervision and administration of Mr Wang Liming for "national tourism standardization work standard" pilot areas for training, standardized work to guide the direction for the hotel "in qinghai.
On November 29, standardization, human resources manager, director of the office ms li-fen chang dasheng organization held a standardization work, the front office, sales department, the housekeeping department manager and standardized office members attended the meeting, the department of standardization requirements and matters needing attention are presented, hope that through each department and standardized and efficient cooperation and the division of office to promote standardization work smoothly.
On December 4, qinghai hotel standardization team leader, qinghai hotel co., LTD. General manager Mr Hai-ming yu led the standardization office members to lanzhou "gansu sunshine hotel" field trips to learn advanced experience of the national tourism standardization demonstrative unit, and combined with their own actual, develop the standardization of detailed work plan, and further clarify the standardization work tasks and goals, for the green bean "standardised" consolidate the road infrastructure.