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The first day of the New Year


Around 2015 the first day of the New Year, 20:00 concierge small got a call from room 2003 ms zhang, his stomach a little sick, need help to buy medicine, small hurried to the room 2003, he suggested to a nearby clinic, obtained the consent of ms zhang, xiao hu accompanied with clinic. Diagnosis is ms zhang may cause stomach pain, eat the cold food need to be taken some medicine. Back to the hotel lane for ms zhang to boil water, medicine, and charge must pay more attention to keep warm and rest, have any need, can make a phone call at any time. Xiao hu to work on the night shift, wang told to pay more attention to 2003 tenants ms zhang.
Probably 24:00 wang got a call from ms zhang said that the stomach or pain, the feeling be nasty in wang immediately rushed to the room, see zhang pain bitter climbed on the bed, wang slowly walked over, ms zhang said: "I want to go to hospital immediately," carefully and ms wang and zhang friends helped her. Wang to the hospital to register first, then escorted Mrs. Zhang do B to exceed check, filming, etc. Doctor after all the checklist and movie said: "due to large intestine, stomach uncomfortable, must first to gut." According to the requirements of the doctor wang to bring back the medicine, after more than half an hour, Mrs. Zhang came out from the bathroom said better, accompanied with ms zhang and wang returned to the hotel, and back to the room, told ms zhang have any discomfort, make a phone call at any time.
After about half an hour, the ms zhang friend telephoned to say: "zhang pain again, and still need to go to the hospital." Wang quickly said: "you don't try so hard, the first I went to find a taxi, you help ms zhang to the lobby". The hospital to a specialist, experts say intestinal obstruction after having seen the film, must be in hospital, otherwise you will have life risk. Busy at this time, zhang said: "I also want to on a business trip tomorrow," listen to the guests, wang immediately suggested that in order not to delay the best chance of cure, you'd better not to travel, such as well on a business trip is not late! She nodded laughs, your suggestion is very good. From admitted to treatment, attentive wang has been accompanied in ms zhang side, xining and ask whether you have relatives? Ms zhang said had a daughter, you can call her, Mrs. Zhang's daughter arrived at the hospital very soon. See daughter to ms zhang and wang said: "tonight is not for your help, I don't know what to do? Thank you! I'm much better now, you back to the first." So wang said goodbye to the guests, and went back to the hotel is already more than 5:00 in the morning.
Comment on:
Qinghai hotel for years at create "employees happy family, guests warm home. This case lane, wang adhering to the "love family" service concept, make guests feel not only the green bean people's hospitality and the warmth of home, but also feel at any time on-demand green bean to give people the family like the sincere concern and help, and left a deep "experience at a time, forever love" a wonderful experience!

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