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Environmental protection volunteers to hide: my hometown of my sheep


township ha show cloud tower, three club was born and grew up.In December 2012, hidden and cloud tower village 12 other herdsmen more attended by yushu county, show the township government and landscape conservation center of Peking University jointly organized the three-river source community monitoring training, become a volunteer for blue sheep monitoring.Since then, his mountains at least once a month, after an altitude of 4200 meters to 4200 meters in order of 6 monitoring points and record of blue sheep population and activities.In August 2013, he was to show the township government rated as "excellent surveyors".Observed both summer and winter, wild animals, there is no reward.But Tibetan said: "since I was young, I like wild animals, now has a chance to use the scientific method and equipment to protect animals, I especially happy!"