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Muslims celebrate eid al-adha in qinghai


Today is the Muslim masses the annual festival of eid al-adha.Nearly 150000 muslims bathed in xining city, in the northwest's largest mosque, dongguan halal Abbey to attend their, you "two eyes" greetings, wish national prosperity, social harmony and a happy family.
Eid al-adha eid al-adha say again ", "it and" hari raya "and called the masses the most grand festival, the world's muslims occupies very important position in Islam.During the festival, all the Muslim masses through to dongguan halal Abbey do holiday week, the slaughter of cattle and sheep in the traditional way to celebrate the arrival of the eid al-adha.
Islamic association President, xining of qinghai province dongguan halal big temple imam Ma Changqing first conveyed to the province of qinghai provincial party committee secretary, director of the standing committee of the provincial luo Muslim masses of kind holiday greetings.Luo Muslim masses hope love carry forward the party the good tradition of patriotism, continue to respond positively to the social and economic development of qinghai.
Ma Changqing said, qinghai provincial government has always been concerned about Muslim compatriots of all nationalities in qinghai province, the fellow muslims should take concrete actions, thoroughly implement the party's 18th, the third plenary session of the eighteenth and the provincial party committee twelve six session spirit, as always support provincial government each work, doubly cherish the hard-won national unity and social stability, economic development of the good situation., as always, with the provincial government in thinking unite as one, concentric counterparts on target in one direction and action, to work together with other ethnic brothers, in order to realize "adhere to the correct direction, comprehensively deepen reform and strive to build" three areas ", build a comprehensive well-off "to strive for a strategic task.
To their Muslim masses Su Zhanlin said: "this year is the 65th anniversary of the founding of new China, is the birthday of the motherland, we ushered in the nation during the period of eid al-adha, very happy. Now the motherland prosperity, national life is becoming more and more good, hope our motherland more beautiful and rich, also hope that nations can also more powerful civilization."