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Qinghai lake in the Tibetan herdsmen's new life


Located in qinghai province, qinghai lake is China's largest inland lakes in northwest has a lake area of 4500 square kilometers area, known as the "heart" of the qinghai-tibet plateau, in the whole western China play an irreplaceable role in ecological balance.Qinghai lake aquatic plants the fat, feed the Tibetan herdsmen live in this generation, also attracted many tourists from all over the world.
As the qinghai lake tourism development in recent years, the local herdsmen's life is quietly changing.At the same time, how to better protect the ecological environment of qinghai lake, the reasonable development and utilization of Tibetan herdsmen live in qinghai lake has become the focus of local government and public concern.
Tibetan youth praise Mr Jie 26 living in the southern bank of qinghai lake on the hillside.Qinghai lake in the pleasant climate, water plant fat, free-range cattle and sheep on the grassland is by the lake survival on the basis of the local Tibetan herdsmen generation.Grew up in qinghai lake he and most of the tibetans, the age of six or seven for grazing in the home, most home thousands of hundreds of cattle and sheep.A few years ago, in response to a national grazing grassland ecological protection, and jay decided to reduce the amount of livestock farming.Have more time and energy, assist public jie began to improve the quality of life for other attempt.
"Before (income) our family just by breeding cattle and sheep, and now I and my neighbors at the foot of the cooperative joint venture hotel and restaurant, I also sheep and planting rapeseed, these are my source of income. Now I have a total of more than 600 60 cows, sheep and rapeseed field has more than 190 mu, the life is getting better and better."