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Weather of Xining

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No one to disturb the field of god - go luo state of qinghai province


Tourism is becoming more and more noisy in Tibet, qinghai go luo state, has given people seek peace of mind to another option.The Tibetan autonomous prefecture is located in the hinterland of qinghai-tibet plateau, Yellow River's source, was magnificent, beautiful scenery, a relatively closed geographical environment at the same time to form the simple original natural environment, historical legends are still around.
And in yushu prefecture compared as autonomous prefectures, go luo, is particularly simple.A state has very rich tourism resources, there are hidden in the four mountain top nima o qing mountains;Amazing spectacular national address the deep;Just and jaw changling lake attract people check, ma ke valley of Tibetan diaolou serenely, and plenty of Tibetan Buddhism temples and friendly timid local tibetans, jianggar rapper is only here are easy to find.
Basic only go luo due to the sea dials high, the year is divided into winter and summer.Even in summer is not very hot, and shorter.~ by the end of September is the best travel time by the end of June, during this period not only temperature is appropriate, and the vegetation lush, thriving.