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The pursuit of quality value is the future of the hotel industry


Another year "3.15", about nature and quality.2017 year China hotel quality, according to a list of hotel quality index of the overall decline in 2016.The foreign brand restaurant chain fell 2.96 points;Independent hotels fell 1.36.Selected type hotel fell 4.19.Five-star hotel fell 1.56 points.Only local brand restaurant chain has edged higher quality.

Through 30 years, high-end hotel market has experienced once the hotel will be able to "picking up money" chaoyang period, appropriate effort will be able to "money" growth, efforts to improve quality to "earn" mature period, and work hard to "rob money" shuffle period of four stages.From the quality point of view, more measured in "quality" of the hotel business results are mostly static, mainly related to the content of the dominant value, such as geographical position, the hardware investment, operating income, called the effect.And another easily ignored by hotel, dynamic, mainly related to the people of the recessive value, such as management, service and function, called the effectiveness.Effect and performance of the value content of the hotel, call quality value.Through the exchange of market by consumers to complete the cash value.

Once upon a time, the hotel with increases in income stability, costs remain within the range of loose, hotel not only willing, also has the resources to improve quality.Then have such as "fine management", "differentiation", "personalized", "affection" service and the pursuit of "creating perfection products" such as are in promoting the industry's perception of quality, value and action.

Later, business income continues to wander up and down the horizon, and rigid rising operational costs.In order to survive, the hotel's pursuit of high quality will forced to put on hold, and under there, mostly at the expense of the quality, in exchange for the management of water.Quality of the recessive value dilution because no quantitative results to measure, with the business data and cost data for standard, so often ignored by management subjective and give up easily.

Recently, more capital into the mid-market stirring the distinctive quality of supply and demand of the match.In October 2017, investment exhibition held in Shanghai, international and domestic brands hundred appearance in the end, investors rush order, up to a brand gained more than 300 franchisees.End up with high-end dip in high-end hotel market will inevitably lead to the supply side adjustment fighting again.

To ignore the recessive value in quality, to high-end hotels at the deadlock of homogenized competition.Is because in the market with "effect" in the dominant value is very easy to compare the competition between the hotel, and consumers are also very easy to select the comparison;Combined with the experience management to present the management of homogeneity, which leads to the price competition is inevitable.

And dynamic efficiency represents the recessive value because of the value of invisibility, often ignored by the operators, such as service value, management value, cultural value, brand value, etc.However, the value of its significant contact resistance, ductility, especially market premium, deadlock is competition environment of differentiated competition breakthrough leading high-end hotels.

To be sure, the high-end hotel market integrity profitability is based on part quality value, especially on the basis of implicit value loss.

These years in order to survive, many high-end hotels not only reduced the effect given by the dominant value, the recessive value given by the more stagnation efficiency gain, although tangible cost reduced, seemingly throttling, but the recessive value, given by the efficiency of the effect of the degree of the wreck is there more than represented by the dominant cost savings?Hotel managers to not clear or have been unable to take care of.But consumers know and voting by satisfaction and performance.

Due to the characteristics of quality value in wear and tear, many self-styled high-grade hotel has been largely reduced into high-grade hotels, customers have proved composition and average prices.

In the consumer to upgrade and the pursuit of a better life and from quantity to quality and the market transformation, under the age of the quality of the recessive value represented by the spiritual pursue proportion will increase dramatically, and promote higher homogeneity degree of hotel groups around the quality of the value chain to explore research and innovation.Some high-end hotels are regression on the quality of the path of ascension, and try to through effective use of technical means, deep mining and promoting the value of the hidden potential, reasonable adjustment of market, products, management and service value combination, formed by the quality system oriented by market value, to reconstruct Chinese hotel management mode and chinese-style hotel service mode.

Today's hotel industry, the direction has been bright, but still walk on snow and ice melting road.Although spewing out in front of the warmth of spring, is slippery underfoot.At present, the market is in a few courageous innovators rise as the model, out of the woods, to win the market.