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Dream wings (the vanguard)


"Not only academic, not just a title, not just seniority, not just identity, not just age", which is the idea of employing Qingdao Port. Here more than 9,000 migrant workers with other skilled workers, intellectuals, no discrimination, no prejudice. They work happily, trying to struggle with their dreams in life is not because "migrant workers" in the name and stranded ......

Model couple "Happy Dream"

There are jobs, dignity, valuable, embodied, heartfelt feeling of happiness, happiness is the incentive to work

Lens 1:

August 5, 11:50. Qingdao Port Port Engineering Company Dongjiakou school cafeteria "spectacular" scene: nearly a thousand workers Dafan, dining, order methodical ...... this canteen, serves lunch every day to be steamed 83 drawer, 37 drawer rice, cooking rice on serving all personnel is trotted, stove cooking a fry is two and a half hours. "Cafeteria worker who is a gas station, eating this time is their most relaxing time. Making delicious meals, create a warm and comfortable dining environment, is our greatest responsibility and desire." Is busy cafeteria manager, said Cai Chun Song .

Song Chun Choi Qingdao Port Group "women Ten pacesetter," her husband Zhao-profit "first name" even louder - "outstanding migrant workers", Ministry of Public Security Fire Bureau "duty jobs training model", "Qingdao labor model." They called one of the "model couple."

2006, Song Chun Choi with a 3-year-old son came home from the countryside Qingdao. Previously, Wang Zhao Li has been working for 11 years Qingdao Port. As the families of employees, SONG Chun Choi became Port Engineering Company service center a living cook. "At first do not meet, such as the horned melon cut into diamond-shaped pieces, I cut the bad. Had continued to practice at home after work."

Hard work pays off. Song Chun Choi started from washing dishes, learning disinfection, vegetables, vegetable, cooking, making pasta, and gradually all the handy work on the canteen. Because of outstanding performance in 2010, she was transferred to Dongjiakou canteen manager.

"Port Engineering Company is to build units, canteen to go along with the site, engineering dried to where they would like to go service." Wang Zhao Li said, "to Dongjiakou later, because far from home, only to go home two week spring color times I've not cook, but now, with our son's words was 'on the living room, under the kitchen', Nianger are especially fond of what I do braised trotters. "

Talked about her husband, Song Chun Choi also a look of happiness. "They fire work is rather special, often encounter urgent tasks, a busy there is no quasi-point every time the phone, he told me that the maximum sentence is 'We father and son, do not worry'."

Song Chun Choi said: "Zhao Lei very homely, but his work is notoriously hard, he was Group Technical contest 'three-peat' all-around champion, is the fire fighters 'training benchmark' Once, unit leaders call let him to the unit before 5:00, there are urgent tasks. Zhao Lei off the phone out of the house, a taxi to the unit and we played a little car, not to mention home from his unit on fifty-six station, the bus, too late. my When I first came in Qingdao, on his approach did not understand, blame him 'the words of the leadership when edicts, his wife will not listen.' said afterwards he told me, 'tasks ranging from people, they must advance hillock' I later became the port workers, colleagues are found around the harbor masters, I also understand that Zhao Lei said 'on the job as long as work hard, work hard, be able to demonstrate their value'. "

"We are husband and wife are migrant workers, is the Qingdao Port has given us the opportunity to change the destiny has given us dreams growing stage, let 'fame' Today, we bought a house in Qingdao, buy a car, the child school in the city. My mother used to say, we far enough away to my sister a few, but most let her worry. "Song Chun Choi said.

"Are you happy? / Qingdao Hong affirmative answer to you / have jobs with dignity, valuable, reflect, / the feeling of happiness from the bottom of my heart, / reflects the value to be meaningful. / Happiness is the incentive to work / How is the theme of return. "This is the Song Chun Choi wrote the poem, but also that of the" model couple "happiness declaration.

One eight of the "dignity of the Dream"

We have an 8 in Qingdao Port to work a year income add up to more than 50 million. Here, migrant workers are not discriminated against, the unique dignity.

Scene two:

Zhuguang Xiang home, the walls covered with photos. In addition to his son and daughter's wedding, as well as a photograph. "Compelling." Pictures are 8 people, Zhuguang Xiang three brothers wife and his son-in-law, every face shine with a bright smile. "That was last year's Mid-Autumn Festival company gave us the photo shoot, we an eight Hong Kong to work in Qingdao, a year income add up to more than 50 million home fast to catch the profits of a small business." Third brother Zhu Guangtian proudly said.

In Qingdao Port, a mention of the "Chu three brothers," almost known to everybody. Qingdao Port Group's employees last festival, a comedy drama reflect their stories, "tell the truth" so many people impressed.

In 1995, the three brothers have come to Qingdao Port, the former Hong Kong companies are dry stevedores. Today, Brother Andrew widely because of their age and physical reasons, to the front door Guard Port Company work. Kwong Lam, Kwong respectively of handling two teams, three team vice-captain. Hirota also won the "outstanding migrant workers", "migrant workers in Shandong Province, Pokka Star" and other honors.

"This wind vain, vain and rain, as well as air conditioning, so wonderful." In the guard booth where Zhuguang Xiang, describes the current work environment. "Although less of wages than in the front line, but does reduce the intensity of the work every day after work, go home and hug granddaughter grandson, very happy."

Prior to Qingdao Port, Zhuguang Xiang been to coal mines, worked as brick, cement, "make little money, not good to, no less wronged gas." Later, listen first to the third brother said Qingdao Port is good, and he is come, "At that time did not expect to take root in Qingdao."

Zhuguang Xiang, 50, last year the company organized physical examination, detected high blood pressure. Leadership to take care of, so he quit line dry doorman. "I have been nothing symptoms, physical examination organized every year thanks to the company, or else this disease really can not find it now has high blood pressure under control."

"Zhu three brothers" fame is not confined to the Qingdao port, in Yinan home, they are also a lot of people envy. Huangchun Lian Zhu Guangtian wife's brother work in the county, the monthly income of 2,000 yuan. "About four or five years, and once my brother asked Hirota's salary, I then said that over 5000, my brother did not believe in fact, I still less of it." Huangchun Lian smiled and said, "Then our family spend ten million to buy the cars 'majestic', than my brother opened the car better, Then he believes, Qingdao Port of migrant workers can not be underestimated ah. "

"In the Qingdao Port, migrant workers are not discriminated against, the unique dignity, with a list of formal workers send money, a platform for learning, a standard as a cadre. Additionally, Qingdao Port also provides cooking, landscaping and other jobs that require recruitment, priority in the post the families of migrant workers. If the unit is not good, who will make their own brothers and sisters, wives and children also came to work ah? you say no? "Zhu Guangtian said.

In Zhu Guangtian view, dignity is also reflected in Qingdao Port of migrant workers to train as a corporate ownership and political standing, work by reuse. "Group meets twice a year congress, there are representatives of migrant workers, I was one of them. Congress last year, I put up a proposal, we need to add a sprinkler company. Group through research, less than half months on the honor. "

3000 fellow of the "career dream"

Here, the starting point is low does not mean no chance. Long as the heart, with the brain, hard dry, we will be able to make a career

Scene three:

Aug. 1, at the Bay of Qingdao Port Container Terminal at the workers innovations Show, holding a teaching model engine tensioned wins popular reporter "Welcome." Yinan a thick accent, smiling from beginning to end, Zhang Fa Sheng told reporters about his innovations, but also about his own upbringing, "Smile heartfelt excited because I tow truck driver from a migrant workers , and gradually grow into car length, squad leader, deputy technical director, technical director, is the Qingdao Port is a dream come true I opened the door. "

44-year-old Zhang France victory is father of two children. 2005 to Qingdao Port, the original dream is to "be able to make money work, but also out of a debt ass, people can look up to see, let the wife and kids need to worry."

Just two years, Zhang France wins more than 10,000 yuan to pay off the foreign debt, and the renovation of tile-roofed house in his hometown. Later, relying on preferential policies Qingdao Port Group, two children came to school Huangdao, his wife also placed the company's life centers.

"The initial dream of a step by step to become a reality, I have come to understand the joy of labor to change everything." Zhang Sheng said Act, he used Group, Inc. and the team conducted every study and training, Kao Gong promotion, technical competition opportunities, hard work and practice, not only technical competition in the group achieved a ranking, still Skills Competition in Qingdao achieved second place, to get "Qingdao technical experts" title.

"Here, the low starting point does not mean no chance I only junior high school, but I learned from Xu years, a large number of advanced models was found, as long as willing to learn and work hard, everyone can become the future I will continue to learn, to become senior technicians , come up with more innovations. "Zhang Sheng said Act.

Qingdao Port Western Union party secretary, National Model Worker Xu years, also from the old revolutionary base Linyi Yinan. Beginning in 1989, Qingdao Port Support Rural Development, beginning in Yinan recruit migrant workers. Yinan County Government in office is located in Qingdao, Qingdao Port. "From the initial 300 people, but now more than 3,000 people, 'Yinan fellow' in the growing ranks of the port of Qingdao, where the emergence of a 'county level' migrant workers Xu years, the party's 18 representatives to enter the skin and other advanced role models. "Wei Weiping, deputy director of the Office introduced.

Interviews, many migrant workers invariably Xu years as an idol, "his dream is to be like Xu years, like." Reporters put this information to tell Xu years, he seemed very calm. "I am a migrant workers can embark on leadership positions today, not because I am from which place, but not because I have much ability, but because there are a series of Qingdao Port, a good education and employment policies, to migrant workers to build growth and success big stage in here, people who suffer popular, affordable doers, promising people have bits With the stage going to struggle, to fight. "

Xu years, said: "In the Qingdao port work, not just a job, it is a career and I firmly believe that as long as migrant workers in the port intentions, with the brain, hard dry, we will be able to make a career, doing a wonderful life! "