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Hilton: brand Tempo to launch a new way of life


Tempo to the lifestyle hotel market is not easy, the services it provides to the Hilton Hotel brand service similar in recent years.

Recently, the 18th Hilton launched its own brand, Tempo, this brand is for affordable lifestyle of modern tourist hotel.But in many lifestyle hotel brand, Tempo can stand out from the crowd?

Even if some brand sounds have been launched, but hotel companies also never stingy to launch a new brand.

Local time Thursday, Tempo announced new way of life in New York Hilton Hotel, the Hilton hotels brand 6 carried out nearly three years, also is the Hilton hotels brand, 18 and the temporary may not add a new hotel brand.

Hilton said Tempo is a contemporary "winners" provide services affordable lifestyle brand.

Hilton's senior vice President and director of the new brand developing global Phil Cordell think too many hotels are labeled as a way of life.But the Hilton has taken a different way to launch such a hotel.

Contemporary "winner" is the same concept and way of life, is not necessarily the millennial generation, can be in his early 20 s or nearly 40 years old and often travel, consumer spending is high.But Cordell said, only is characteristic of the millennial generation is more obvious, they are more concerned with their own mental and physical health and rely heavily on technology, it has affected the Tempo of the service concept.

So, the Tempo of modern life achievers to offer other lifestyle brand with service?Hilton hope to provide visitors with a trip to keep health of body and mind, have environmental protection consciousness, enjoy the elaborate design of public space and room accommodation, the city center and suburban room prices between $150 to $250, and there are some economic activity.

So far, the Hilton in Boston, Dallas, New York, del mar, California, and louisville, Kentucky, and other cities has reached 30 confirmed the deal.There are 30 deal is finalized, the Hilton hope to greatly expand the scale of the brand, eight to ten years in the future, the United States will open 500 Tempo.

Guest rooms and facilities

To design a Tempo, Hilton has collected over 10000 consumers, Tempo will open 150 to 300 rooms, and most of the hotel is new.

Hilton and Thrive in the new brand Global and Blau + Associates, cooperation, provide sleeping technology and menu planning respectively.

Hotel public areas will be a collection of works of art and design, also provide formal or informal gym and flexible meeting space.

Hilton has promised all of its brands to strengthen environmental protection consciousness.Tempo will adopt the practice of sustainable development, such as reducing food waste, appropriate purchase seafood, use the original size of distributor to reduce disposable plastic articles for use that wash bath, and in the entire property with water supply facilities to replace disposable plastic bottles.