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Kunlun Mountain

Kunlun Mountain lies in Qinghai Provicne, is 1,200 kilometers long, 60 to120 kilometers wide and 5,500 meters on the average above see level. The altitude of the highest peak reaches 6,860 meters. The mountains inside Qinghai all belong to the Kunlun Mountain Range, which used to be respected as the origin of all mountains or the mountain of dragon in ancient times. Many fairy tales have something to do with Kunlun Mountain, such as Chang'e (the goddess of the moon), Xi You Ji (Pilgrim to the West), and Bai She Zhuan (Legend of the White Snake).

The Kunlun mountain pass is 160 kilometers to the south of Golmud, and the altitude rises from 2,800 meters to 4,700 meters abruptly and the temperature and air pressure drop accordingly. You will feel suddenly being transferred from a hot summer to a severe winter with the snow-white Kunlun surrounding you magnificently. Kunlun is not only famous for its grandeur but also the color jade it produces, and the jade is called Kunlun Jade. Among the snow and the grassland, rare animals are leaping and skipping, presenting a beautiful picture of nature.

The Kunlun Tour to Search for Taoist Origins, which has just been opened for a few years, receives a warm welcome among Taoism followers and they go to worship origins and cultivate themselves one after another.