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Weather of Xining

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Golden-silver Grassland

This is one place of dense green grass shade , peaceful day lake arcadia. romantic gold and silver beach grasslands , carpet of flowers , an elegant style , blue sky , white cloud form a delightful contrast. drunk people but the cattle sheep that fervency adorns on the open rape flower and green grass mattress composes gold and silver beach dominant hue. spotlessly white cloud, moves the spotlessly white flock of sheep or goats on green grass , soft beautiful the tibetan nationality girls dancing carriage , the voice as the day being blamed, crane cannot refrain from to be floating on blue sky. we stroll in this multicoloured color, in strolling just as in one oil painting bright and colourful.

Basis records , gold and silver in history beach the west waiting for historical records to be called "brocade field long distance " in secondary queen han shu qiang stores a field. "it is vast and hazy , open space is boundless , groundless blow a grassplot seeing the cattle sheep ". be true gold and silver beach portraiture. gold and silver beach name reason has several kinds statement: that one speaks has been carpet of flowers on the green grass beach , the yellow and white have become the color piece grabbing an eye , yellow being has been bush cinqefoil, white be silver lumei , the gold and silver beach is called therefore; that two speaks is that the cattle sheep is in groups , thereby abound in dairy products , yellow because of grasslands is rich and fertile is that butter, is white is milk, therefore the gold and silver beach is called by the native; that three speak is 1939 , famous a screen director ling zi feng reflects two tribes of grasslands to patting a volume come hai yan grasslands confronting each other for mutually, the queen makes great efforts to rush about after chinese people's liberation army , mediating between two parties uses herdsman trend happy life film , is named "gold and silver beach ".

The gold and silver beach, is attracting us deeply with whose meaningful grasslands local manners and feelings delicate and pretty , is also making this piece of magical land have plated with a layer of mysterious veil. be for a long , long time what conduct yearns for that.